IP Logger

What is IPLogger and How to Use It?
IPLogger is a tool that allows you to track and analyze the traffic through your links, visitors on your online store, blog or website. With IPLogger, you can find out the IP address, location, device, browser and other information of your visitors. You can also check URL for hidden redirects and safety reasons.
IPLogger works by creating a short link that contains a tracking code. When someone clicks on your short link, IPLogger will collect and store their data on a dashboard that you can access anytime. You can also create other types of loggers, such as an invisible pixel, a location tracker or a mobile phone tracker.

IPLogger can help you with various purposes, such as:
Marketing: You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, optimize your landing pages and target your audience better.
Security: You can detect suspicious activity, prevent fraud and protect your online assets.
Research: You can gather data for your projects, surveys and experiments.
Fun: You can prank your friends, find out their location and device details.
To use IPLogger, you need to follow these simple steps: Go to https://iplogger.icu or https://grabify.icu and enter any URL or link to an image that you want to shorten and track. Share the new short link with your target user via email, social media or any other channel. Grab the IP address and other analytics data after the user clicks on your short link.

You can also use IPLogger’s other tools, such as: Invisible image (PIXEL): Generate an invisible image (pixel) to get statistics for your website traffic, track IP addresses and IP address location1. IP tracker: Check IP address to get its ISP, country, city and IP geolocation1. URL checker: Check any URL for hidden redirects, find out its server information and location1. My IP address: Find all the information about your ip address, including ip geolocation, Internet Service Provider (ISP), City, Country…1 IP counters, userbars, informers: Publish a visitor counter, userbar or informer on your website and get a detailed data insight on your audience1. MAC address lookup: Check the MAC address for device information1. Internet speed test: The service allows you to quickly and easily check the speed of your Internet connection