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It is a tool that allows you to track the IP address and other analytical data of any person who clicks on a link that you create using Grabify. To use Grabify, you need to follow these steps: 1. Enter any URL that you want Grabify to shorten and track in the box that says "Enter URL or tracking code" on the homepage. 2. Share the shortened link with another user through any platform, such as social media or messaging apps. 3. View the analytics on the tracking page associated with the Grabify link. You can see information such as date/time, IP address, location, device type, browser, internet service provider, and more.

What's IpLogger

Iplogger is a tool that allows users to track the location of anyone who clicks on a specially crafted link. The tool creates a unique link that, when clicked, records the visitor's IP address and other information such as their browser and operating system. This information can then be used to track the visitor's approximate location and other details.

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what to do with the IP

Tracking someone's IP address typically involves using tools or services that can capture the IP address of a device and then using that information to determine the location of the device. One common method is to use an IP lookup tool or website, which can provide information on the general location of the device based on its IP address. These tools typically use databases that contain information on the locations of various IP addresses.

What Result will you see

You can track the results of when the note link was opened, on which device it was opened, and by what IP was opened.

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